Mold Assessment/Testing/Inspection

Mold Assessment/Testing/Inspection

Trust us for Mold Testing & Inspections

Texas Mold Consultants offers a variety of mold services in addition to mold inspections. Rely on us for:

    We provide inspections, or mold assessments, for houses, apartments, offices, commercial properties, schools, government buildings and other properties. We also offer mold testing, which we refer to as “sampling.” We’ll summarize all findings in a detailed report that includes pictures and lab results then deliver them directly to you. No results are required to be provided to any governmental or other entity.
    If mold is present in your home, the next step is removal, or mold remediation. If a State Licensed "Mold Remediation Contractor" (MRC) is to be used to remove the mold, then State law mandates that a "Mold Assessment Consultant" (MAC) (which is what my license is) prepare a Mold Remediation Protocol document that include what mold should be removed, where it should be removed, what protection is to be provided to prevent cross contamination into adjacent clean areas, what clearance criteria is to be used, etc. When there is greater than 25 contiguous square feet of visible mold, state law mandates that ONLY a MRC can remove the mold and a Mold Remediation Protocol is mandated. Texas Mold Consultants has prepared hundreds of Mold Remediation Protocols.
    We also conduct clearance testing at the end of remediation to insure that the mold has been effectively removed and the air within containment is back to normal background levels. Once a remediation passes clearance (inspection and testing), we issue a Texas Department of Insurance "Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation".
    We use the same product and application device used in hospitals for infection control. It’s also used for patients receiving in-home medical care and in need of hospital-grade surface disinfection. This service requires the property to be clear of occupants for two hours.

If you’re in need of any mold removal service listed above, contact us today.

Turn to us for odor removal services, too

We use several products for odor removal. Call us to find out which one is best for your home. Choose from a variety of options, including:

  • Freshana: This 100% natural and organic spray is made from plant extracts. Freshana works by breaking apart the carbon chains of the molecules that contain odors.
  • Chlorine dioxide gas: This product is effective for removing pet odors and tobacco smoke. The gas is created by adding hot water to a special pouch. This creates a chemical reaction, emits the gas and removes the odors. Occupants will need to vacate the property for eight hours.
  • Blue Crush Gel: This is an odor and contaminant removal product that works continuously for up to 60 days. It’s typically placed in a ventilation system where mircocapsules are continuously released. It works great for lingering odors and also removes VOCs.

Texas Mold Consultants is your top choice for odor removal services in Austin, TX. Contact us today to find out which option is best for your home or business.

Hire an expert litigation witness

Dan Yates, PE CSP MAC has decades of experience serving as an expert witness for mold in legal cases. Call us at 512-563-2253 if you would like more information about this service.