State of the Art Mold Assessment Techniques

Schedule your commercial or residential mold assessment in Austin, TX

The assessment starts with an inspection of the property and the areas of concern. Texas Mold Consultants uses specialized instruments, including moisture meters, infrared imaging thermal cameras, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) direct readout instruments, particle counters, etc. to evaluate indoor air quality issues. We use all the latest sampling methodology to give you accurate information about the types and concentrations of mold that are present.

All findings and suggested next steps will be summarized in a detailed report delivered directly to you. We don’t share your information with anyone, including government entities.

Residential and Commercial Mold Assessments

It’s important to make sure that your home does not have airborne mold levels in excess of "typical background levels". We cater to a variety of clients, including:

    If you’re in the process of buying a home, a mold assessment can be very useful when the general home inspection results in "water damage" that could conceal a mold problem. With the large scope of items a general inspector must check, they are prohibited by State Mold Regulations from identifying mold. What they do identify is water damage and the conditions that causes water damage (and thus mold). Unless the presence of mold is obvious, it can be overlooked.
    Are you getting ready to sell your home? In addition to the general inspection that is conducted, you may also want to consider a mold assessment. We can visually inspect your property and can take air samples if you’re interested in taking a deeper look into the air quality of your home. Whether you suspect mold or not, a proper mold assessment can prevent delays in the selling process and give you added confidence before putting your home on the market.
    Protect your tenants by staying ahead of mold issues that could affect their health and the value of your property. A mold issue can be much easier to mitigate if dealt with quickly.
    If you rent an apartment, townhouse or home and suspect a mold issue, it’s your right to conduct a mold assessment. We can determine if there’s a mold issue and help you determine the next steps to dealing with it.

If you’re ready to schedule a mold assessment at your Central Texas residential or commercial property, contact Texas Mold Consultants today.