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Mold testing, or what we call “sampling,” is a standard part of most mold assessments. There are several different methods we use at Texas Mold Consultants. A few common methods include:

  • Air sampling: This is a measurement of what is present in the air in a certain area at that moment in time. We use a calibrated air pump to sample for five minutes. The pump sucks in 75 liters of air to be sampled. We use Allergenco-D air sampling cassettes, which test for mold spores, pollen, skin fragments, insects, combustion particles, toners, environmental dust and construction dust. The cassette is sealed and delivered to a lab where the types and amounts of spores in the air are determined. An outdoor reference sample is always obtained for comparison to the indoor samples.
  • Wall cavity sampling: This is used to determine what microbial activity is present in the space behind a wall. We start by hand drilling a half-inch hole through the sheet rock. Then we attach a specialized tube adapter to the Allergenco-D cassette. The end of the tube is then inserted into the wall cavity. A small rubber grommet on the tubing seals the hole and ensures a depth of approximately two inches. From there, we follow the same process as a regular air sample. A two-minute sampling time is used to test the small space.
  • Tape slide samples: These are used to obtain samples of fungal spores and other particles by making direct physical contact with a surface. The tape slide is a plastic slide with an adhesive surface that is pressed against the material to collect the desired sample. As with air samples, the tape slides are sealed and delivered to a lab for identification of fungal spores and mycelial fragments. The results consist of the genus of the spores and whether they're in a growth or non-growth status.

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