Mold Remediation Consulting in Austin, TX

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Mold remediation is defined by the state of Texas as the removal, cleaning, sanitizing, demolition or other treatment of mold. The Texas Mold Assessment and Remediation Regulations (TMARR) of 2005 mandates that a state licensed Mold Remediation Contractor (MRC) must have a mold remediation protocol prior to any mold remediation project, regardless of square footage. A protocol must be obtained for any mold remediation above 25 contiguous square feet of visible mold, unless you are the owner of a residential property with fewer than 10 residential dwelling units.

Technically, where there is less than 25 contiguous square feet of visible mold, any unlicensed entity can conduct mold remediation and not be subject to the TMARR, which means a protocol would not be required. You should know that this exemption does not protect you from any liability or damages arising from an unregulated mold remediation. When an unlicensed remediator is used, a full Texas Mold Certificate cannot be issued.

Mold remediation consulting protocols

A mold assessment report should not be confused with a mold remediation protocol. The assessment report can be a standalone document and will satisfy the needs of many customers that undergo an assessment. However, the assessment report can act as the starting piece for the larger protocol document. The protocol is a state-mandated document prepared by a licensed mold assessment consultant. It’s required when the customer has chosen to use a licensed remediation contractor.

It specifies the estimated quantities and locations of materials to be remediated, the proposed remediation methods and the clearance criteria for each remediation project. Basically, the protocol specifies the:

  • Location and causes of mold
  • Location and method of mold removal
  • Personnel
  • Containment
  • Worksite security
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Clearance criteria

Each individual mold remediation project should have a customized protocol. After the initial remediation, a post-remediation assessment will be performed to ensure that no visible mold is present and that all clearance criteria is met.